Don’t let the title pull the mistletoe over your eyes with this one – this novel will have you gripped from start to finish and you’ll be laughing until you’re crying – literally.  The author makes you feel as if you know the main characters of Sam and Ava and of their warmth, love and passion for one another.

The Christmas Promise is also a novel with deep, relatable meaning of how Ava, a milliner, manages to deal with abusive bullying from her ex-boyfriend with the tedious financial issues of day to day life.  You cannot help but feel for Ava, she is so well described in every aspect of the novel, drawing you in to her; you want to be both her friend and her mother, to console her when things go wrong, and to cover your eyes when things go right! Sam has a kind hearted soul, brought up with the manners, loyalty and respect any woman would wish for from any man  – unbeknown at the start, he too, has lived and is living, through personal tortures of his own with the impeding health concerns of his mother. 

The novel is enchanting to the reader, with twists and turns and only the hint of Christmas in the background. 

This is a much recommended read and I cannot believe I have never read a book by Sue Moorcroft before – a feel-good within the palms of my hands!